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Crowns and bridges

If your tooth is too badly damaged for veneers, we provide high quality crowns and bridges to restore your teeth to a healthy state.


Our strong, durable crowns come in the following materials:

Dental Treatments

Our highly trained dental practitioners make sure you feel completely at ease, administering our treatments with the highest standard of care.

We provide both NHS and private dentistry procedures; please refer to our fees page for more information on the relevant charges related to these areas.


Veneers can improve the colour, shape and position of teeth, making the tooth look much healthier. Our high quality veneers can even restore a chipped tooth, and reduce gaps between teeth.


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  • Porcelain bonded to precious metal

  • Ceramic

Our excellent quality bridges are perfect for restoration or re-alignment of a row of overlapping teeth. Contact us today to discuss your options with our dental expert.


Fillings are an effective way to restore a decayed or broken tooth.  Firstly, the decay is removed from the affected tooth and then it is filled with the most appropriate material. We use only the highest quality material for our fillings, available in both silver amalgam and white composite.


We make sure any extractions are as painless as possible, offering a range of anaesthetic options to make sure you are totally at ease during your treatment.

Root canal treatments

Root canal procedures can be necessary if infection has set in to the base of the root, or the blood or nerve supply of the tooth.


Our dental experts are highly experienced in root canal treatments, so you can rest assured that we will deliver this procedure as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

Affected teeth before and after crowns.


Tooth extraction

The extraction process

Root canal treatments veneers

High quality dental treatments at competitive rates

We understand how nerve-racking a trip to the dentist to can be. Gain peace of mind by being kept informed of our processes from start to finish.

We use the most up-to-date diagnostic tools such as digital X-rays, models, photographs, visual examination, full periodontal exams, cancer screening, and aesthetic evaluations.

Diagnostic process

Digital x-ray of teeth

During your first consultation, we carefully examine:

• The soft areas inside and around your mouth.

• The health of your gums, and your vulnerability to gum and tooth problems.

• Your teeth (whether natural or not!). If any problems are detected, we will inform you.

• Your treatment choices. We shall discuss the pros and cons of any appropriate treatment options with you.

Initial consultation

For your first visit, a full examination and then a friendly chat is often all that is needed or required. This gives you the opportunity to explain what you need or expect from us. We only provide treatment at a first visit if you ask us to; for example, if you have an immediate dental problem such as pain, a broken tooth or bleeding gums.